In Ancient Greece, Charon – Hades’ ferry man – carried the souls to Hell across the Acheron river. Now it’s your turn to follow the steps of the ancient heroes, such as Hercules, Orpheus and Dionysus.

Journey to the underworld and return, still alive!

Also beware of the notorious pirates that are known of sailing this river. Hoist the flag and prepare to battle – water battle!

The river is excellent for beginners and children!

 You can choose between 2 trips – shorter one is 20-25 minutes and the longer on is about 40 minutes. You and your group will be taken back to the starting point with Pony Club’s minibus. Every boat and group will have a trained driver with them during the whole trip.

Pony Club will provide helmets and life jackets for everyone. You can take your camera with you and take pictures during the trip. 

A rafting boat has room for 2-8 persons plus the driver. 

Short trip:    Adults – 6 €         Children – 4 €

Long trip:     Adults – 12 €       Children – 6 €



If you are seeking for more adrenaline – this one is for you!

The trip is the same as with rafting but you can choose a single or a double canoe. Our guide will come with you with another canoe.

This time it is better to leave your cameras, phones, sunglasses etc. on the shore because you WILL get wet!

Short trip:    Single canoe – 10 €         Double canoe – 15 €

Longer trip:  Single canoe – 20 €       Double canoe – 30 €